Sunday, October 21, 2012

Recreating Punch article published

The second part of my article on recreating the 18th century Punch and (originally Joan, her name became Judy by the 19th century) has been published in The Journal of the Early Americas.
Punch at Grand Portage Minnesota
A number of puppeteers have expressed interest in this article and wanted to buy a copy of the journals for Parts I and II.
By arrangement with the editor/publisher, if you are not a subscriber and would like to purchase a copy of the two issues (Part I and Part II) contact me at and I can mail you both issues at cover rate plus mailing.

Otter and Death at Madeline Island

Puppeteer or history buff the Journal of the Early Americas has some really cool articles on, well, early history of North America. If you're not a subscriber, check out the issue preview at The Journal of the Early Americas and I think you will be convinced to become one.

Uncle Gus' Puppet Stage Rescue Shelter

Otis Rabbit's Uncle Gus runs an occasional shelter for good puppet stages in need of a loving home, or at least a puppeteer who understands and can work with these gently used theaters.

Right now, for puppeteers in the Twin Cities (because honestly you probably aren't going to drive cross country and shipping would be astronomical), he has two stages.

The first is a  shadow puppet stage designed and built by Paul Eide and used by Joan Mickelson, I performed Poulenc's "Babar the Elephant" with Joan using this stage. As you can see it has a large screen area, but is quite adaptable. The stage has a wooden frame and a painted canvas covering. The electrical grid is a grounded three prong, but I would update the wiring if I were using it. All in all, a very, very nice stage.

Free to a good home or at least a nice puppeteer.

Second, this is a folding divider stage. As you can see it "accordians" out and folds to a relatively small space. Great for those school or church programs who don't have a lot of storage, but want something to "play" behind. Originally, this divider was part of a larger commercial trade show booth configuration. Again, a mighty nice stage at a fantastic price--FREE.

If you are interested in either of these stages, please contact Wayne or Otis Rabbit by email at